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17 09 2010

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I called you today, made an appointment with your secretary

I booked a meeting room for us

Just you and I, no need for anyone else

We got a situation we need to work out

Gotta schedule some time alone,

We got some work to do

I’m gonna need you for an hour

maybe 2

You know what you better clear your schedule


and tomorrow too

Theres a meeting in my bedroom

Don’t be late, Don’t make me wait

Hold all my calls, drop them files on the floor

Clear this desk, I’m gonna lay it out for you

Take some dictation, use your fingers to type out what you want

No jobs to big or small

Just put your thoughts and ideas on the table

I guarantee we will cover them all

Pull up a chair, Lay back relax, clear your  mind

Don’t worry I booked this room all day

So we got plenty of time

let me back up those files, Were almost there

You deserve that  raise for all the hard work you’re putting in

Insert Data Here

Type a letter or maybe 3


What’s your objectives,  What is the desired outcome

At the end of this meeting the participants will be able to

Do anything their hearts desire

I know your tired

Been working hard all week

I know just what you need

I’m gonna deliver, you just sign the release

Gotta love this job

It has the best perks and benefits package

Insert data here

Save, print file it under G ….. Best presentation ever, A job well done

Lets schedule a follow-up meeting next week

so what should my next move be, what would yours be

we will see

till then

meeting ajourned

Good Day Gorgeous,



My Hearts Tripple Bypass

2 07 2010

The Symptoms

 My heart aches every time you come around, but it also aches when you’re not there.

I pant heavily in your presence and at the thought of you.

It palpitates, I sweat, get wet, I have hot flashes.

I get giggly and giddy.

My legs get weak, my body shivers.

I forget what I was thinking or about to say.

I often stare blankly, daydreaming.

I can’t sleep and when I do I dream of you.


HEARTSLUVSITIS — in laymen’s terms, I am in love.

 The Cure

 To bypass — My past hurts and pain

To bypass —  My fears and worries

To bypass — complications, inhibitions and resistance

The Treatment

 To find a surgeon skilled enough to handle my heart with all of it’s delicate pieces.  A surgeon who can hold it tenderly  in is hands as he brings it back from the dead.  Gently kissing it with his instruments, holding it, squeezing, stroking, pumping comforting and assuring it, it will never break again.  Placing it back where it belongs and monitoring it for the rest of it’s life.

                                  To Open my heart and let you in.  Completely

 The Surgeon

 You.  DR. David.  I entrust you with this task.  I have made an appointment to schedule this procedure. 

                                                          Fix me.  Heal me.  Love me.

 So for those of you who may have difficulty reading in between the lines.  I sort of asked him out.  I say sort of because the conversation went like this.

 Me:  Sooo, what are you doing for the 4th

Him: The usual, hanging out at home alone…. You?

Me:  I have some family coming over for a BBQ

Him: Sounds like fun, I like spending time with family

Me: yeah me too, sometimes (nervous laugh as I am about to ask him the big question)

        (WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT…….)

Him: (Laugh) can I come?

Me:  🙂

 So, You got me open, now what, What’s next,

We will see

Good Afternoon Gorgeous,