A Picture IS Worth 1000 Words

30 11 2010

What do you see

The end of thinking

There was a time when we used our fingers and made lines on paper to add

When our math wasn’t too hard for our parents to help

Dinner was prepared on a stove and cooked with fire

When we sounded out words then used a dictionary to look it up to see if we were right

When we counted by 5’s to tell the time….

When essays were hand written

When we asked our grand parents about history……

When you were not allowed to bring a gun anywhere near where the president was….

Water was free

When we valued human life above animals…

When people thought BEFORE they spoke

When freedom of speech was attached to common sense

When we used our voices to communicate with one another…

When friends were people we met, knew and physically spent time with….

When we were man or woman enough too look someone in the eye when breaking up with them…

When first base was touching of hands

And at the end of a date you hope for a kiss

When our intimate moments we shared with each other and not the world via internet….

When we said I Love You and meant it and not ily…

When people looked you in the eye instead of down at computers, cell phones, and blackberries…

When photos were proudly displayed on the walls of homes, wallets and in photo albums….

When parents were not ashamed to listen to music in front of their children…a time when parents were adults.

When kids asked for change not cards

When children were afraid of getting in trouble by their parents, not the other way around

When mothers and daughters didn’t borrow each others clothes

When a horror movie scared you and not turned you on…

When celebrities were people had a talent

When we learned skills from tag and dodge ball and were not considered bullies…

When teachers hug and children had respect….

When exercise was not done via video game

And children actually went out side to play

Every home had a phone

And our biggest fear about flying was crashing…

 And in GOD we trusted

How are you spending the time you have been given

Spend it wisely

It is

Slowly but surely, fading….it is the end of time


Gorgeous Got Game

29 06 2010

You Make Me Happy

Ok guys I know this post is cheesy… but I was playing board games with my kids all day…and thinking of my crush….

Boy you are TROUBLE and I know this to be true…

You have played OPERATION with my heart and left me without a CLUE

I fought hard against you, but you sunk my BATTLESHIP

 I used to be the logical one, didn’t believe in love

My HEART was dark like SPADES

In my CRANIUM I knew I was way to smart for that crap

I thought I had SCENE IT all

There was no way I was going to get caught in your MOUSE TRAP

But you sweet and amazing JOKER

Like a whirlwind, a TWISTER, you swept me away

You lured me to your CANDYLAND

Putting me through hurdles, CHUTES and LADDERS

 You played GO FISH with my heart and BINGO chose the winning card

When your around you SCRABBLE my brain

and OUT BURST feelings and desires I haven’t felt in a long time

 You MONOPOLIZE my thoughts and you have turned a TRIVIAL PURSUIT into a crucial quest for you

Even when we CONNECT FOR just a moment, it BOGGLES my mind how I let you have this control over me

You are the only one who leaves me SPEECHLESS

 I am SORRY, I cannot play UNO any longer

You are PERFECTION and I must take a RISK on you

I do realize this my put what we now have in JEOPARDY

 But, I have decided to GO FOR BROKE, I am going to SPILL THE BEANS

Tell you I want to share my LIFE with you

 The rest I will leave to you


 So i have decided to tell

Questions is How, How would you tell him?

we will see

Good Morning Gorgeous,