I Blogged In Your Zone, Do You Validate?

30 06 2010

Blogging Zone


 Crush Crew Commentary 

 Did you know there were 3 steps to blogging? 

 Step 1 

To Write 

 The decision to create a blog is not and easy one.  Since most blogs are about everyday events in the life of the writer, the idea of putting your private thoughts out there and can be scary.  Bloggers take a chance on the “real people” in their lives finding out their inner most secrets.  The blog tells all and spares no one.  

 The true blogger is constantly thinking about that next post.  To the true blogger, posting is not just some nilly willy, combination of words and phrases you throw on a page.  But it is truly art.   An expression of yourself and  extension of the conversation you would have with the world if given a giant mic.  Yes there are days when you just put something together to let your followers know that you are still alive, but for the most part, it takes some serious thought.  

 To write is to breathe.  To release, to distress, to blog.  Blogging has become a great necessity. A part of your everyday life.  A must on your to do list. 

 Part 2 

To read 

As bloggers we are connected to a special community.  A community of like-minded people who have decided to put their world on display.  And although there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there that makes us unique.  We are bold, daring, inspirational, blunt, brilliant and sometimes foolish.  So we want to see who else is out there. 

 We read the blogs of others to get inspiration for our own.  To get encouragement that writing about one’s life is not a self-centered, egotistical thing to do but a much-needed dose of medicine that society desperately needs.  Proven by the fact that there actually other people doing the same thing.  We read to bring excitement to our own somewhat mundane lives.  We read so that we can say, Hey someone else is worse off or in the same boat as I am.  We read because if its something we should have thought of , are surprised by, or are passionate about, we get to put our 2 cents in, without writing a whole blog about it.   And we read for validation.  For ourselves and to each other. 

 Part 3 

To validate 

 Lets face the truth here.  We all want validation for anything we do in life.  Blogging is no different.  Well there is one difference, we crave it.  Desperately.  We check our stats, constantly, and smile big when we see them go up.  We get all giddy when our inbox says “comment reply”.  And if we get a “please moderate” we leap for joy, because this means a new reader. 

 As bloggers, we love to write, but nothing brings us greater joy than to be READ.  It means our voice is being heard. 

 How do we validate each other, by leaving comments.  Comments is a way of saying I hear you, I don’t have to agree with you, but I hear you. 

 Have you ever had a conversation with someone, only to have them not respond to you or give you a blank stare…. You just know they are not listening and you feel like you are wasting time trying to talk to them.  There is no conversation it is a lecture, only no one is listening. 

 Leaving a comment on someone’s blog is one of the most important things you can do for a blogger.  (outside of making the fressly pressed page of course 🙂 )Comments is a way of saying I hear you, I don’t have to agree with you, but I hear you. 

 Comments allow us to have a conversation with our readers, even if just for a moment.  

 Think about this, when you call someone and get their voice mail, you leave a message.  Why because you want them to know you called.  Or when you go to the doctor, don’t you tell them you are there.  Even better, would you go to someone’s home, use their bathroom, eat their food, watch a movie with them and leave without even saying “HELLO”… no because that would be rude.  You don’t go to a restaurant and eat and leave without paying the bill, but more importantly leaving a tip, because the tip is a validation of good food and service.  

 As a blogger, I am happy to see my stats reach into the thousands….but I am even more happy when I know who those readers are and what they thought of what I wrote. 

The Golden Rule…. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… 

 So the next time you read someone’s blog, whether it’s about the world cup, body image, Obama, BP oil spill or their beautiful little girl,  take a moment to validate them.  Take a moment to leave a comment, to let them know you were there.  Isn’t that what you want for your blog. 

 And while I enjoy all the personal emails, after all that is why I make sure my email address is in every post 🙂 leave me a comment in the comment box, not email…or at least leave the comment first, then email me.  Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all the great friends I have made and speak to via email…but you guys email me such great comments, I’d like to share them with all my readers. 

 And remember the ultimate validation is reposting someone’s great post on you blog.  So feel free to repost this one 🙂 

 Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog…and giving me the validation I needed to continue blogging….and I thank you in advance for the comments you will leave. 

 Crushing on you, 



THE CRUSH CREW, going Against The Grain (OW)

8 06 2010

sssshhhh, The big boys are reading

Today I dedicate my post not to my crush, but to you.  Who? You, yes you who are reading this right now.  Why because you have inspired me to continue this blog journey.  What do you mean you ask, well pull up a chair lets blog a bit.  I was thinking of stopping my blog.  Until I checked my stats and subscribers list and saw I actually have a following dedicated people who look for me everyday, and I can’t let them down.  Why would I stop you say.


  I recently questioned the powers that be, on the choices for the freshly pressed topics.  Let me warn you, never go against the grain, unless you are strong enough to get scratched.  But of course I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t so vocal, and I have got plenty or scars and scratches to prove it. 

 Anyway, I ask some simple questions about getting chosen.  I was told two things, one my blog was too new.  Ok can’t disagree with you there, that’s fine.  But then I was told, pretty much that it was uninteresting, limited, and that I needed to broaden my topics….

 What the French Toast Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake 😉 had to mention him of course…eh  hem

 Webster’s defines blog as follows, Blog: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.

 I’d like to take a minute to focus on the word personal.  That means its me, all me and all about me.

 Who am I to say or think a persons blog is limited or not interesting enough if it is PERSONAL.  It is their life and what is the most powerful and important thing in that life.  Can I say that a woman’s child growing up and her posting photo’s every day of that child is not interesting, can I say that a man posting photo’s of his dog on his couch is boring, or can I say that a video blog of an owl in a nest 24/7 is limited and not life changing….no I cannot no more than I can say a woman posting her trials of breast cancer or a man journaling his life for his children as he dies is.  It is personal and not for me, but YOU, to choose.  But if it were not for these blogs where would our choice be.  How would we know what is interesting or not to us.  What we find boring or exciting, if we never knew it existed.  There are so many blogs that, that fact alone makes our life broader.

 Sure I could sit here and talk about the BP’s oil spill, …its still leaking,  Or I could talk about Sandra bullock at the MTV music awards, …she is the same loveable person she was before, its Jessie James who has changed.  I could even talk about President Obama, love him, but he is doing his job….like a parent does for their children, it’s the presidents job to get blamed for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in America.

 But these topics are not my muses…that one great thing in MY life, my motivation, my love, that thing that inspires, the voice that allows me to go on and be me….. For me that is my crush. 

When I want to write about something other than my topic, my crush, I visit other peoples blogs and leave comments.

 I understand for many, blogging is a way of life and a job.  And I have to be honest, if I was offered a salary, TV show, radio to do this I would of course take it and so would you.  It is every bloggers dream to have their blog read and admired by the world. But it is not the reason we do it, or at least I do it.  I don’t live to blog…I blog to live.  To ease life as I know… to speak my mind…to let my voice be heard about something that is important to me.

 I mean if you really think about… isn’t life just a blog…what you read in the newspapers, see on TV, read about in book, hear on the radio,…. These are all just someone’s thoughts, said out loud.  Sometimes its interesting and sometimes is not…sometimes its limited and sometimes its broad…but its always personal.

So if after this post my blog suddenly disappears, I have been captured by the powers that be….help me…lol.

And to those of you who have chosen to follow me.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have applied BPR (Blog Printing Resuscitation) on my heart and allowed me to continue another day.

 So should I tell them, would you….

 Yes I will tell you, my followers…. I have a crush on you….

 I deem you, THE CRUSH CREW Club, Stand up, let your voices be heard, Go forth and multiply, bring others to the club.

go against the grain, follow/subscribe to this blog… Join us….

 We’ll talk,