THE CRUSH CREW, going Against The Grain (OW)

8 06 2010

sssshhhh, The big boys are reading

Today I dedicate my post not to my crush, but to you.  Who? You, yes you who are reading this right now.  Why because you have inspired me to continue this blog journey.  What do you mean you ask, well pull up a chair lets blog a bit.  I was thinking of stopping my blog.  Until I checked my stats and subscribers list and saw I actually have a following dedicated people who look for me everyday, and I can’t let them down.  Why would I stop you say.


  I recently questioned the powers that be, on the choices for the freshly pressed topics.  Let me warn you, never go against the grain, unless you are strong enough to get scratched.  But of course I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t so vocal, and I have got plenty or scars and scratches to prove it. 

 Anyway, I ask some simple questions about getting chosen.  I was told two things, one my blog was too new.  Ok can’t disagree with you there, that’s fine.  But then I was told, pretty much that it was uninteresting, limited, and that I needed to broaden my topics….

 What the French Toast Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake 😉 had to mention him of course…eh  hem

 Webster’s defines blog as follows, Blog: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.

 I’d like to take a minute to focus on the word personal.  That means its me, all me and all about me.

 Who am I to say or think a persons blog is limited or not interesting enough if it is PERSONAL.  It is their life and what is the most powerful and important thing in that life.  Can I say that a woman’s child growing up and her posting photo’s every day of that child is not interesting, can I say that a man posting photo’s of his dog on his couch is boring, or can I say that a video blog of an owl in a nest 24/7 is limited and not life changing….no I cannot no more than I can say a woman posting her trials of breast cancer or a man journaling his life for his children as he dies is.  It is personal and not for me, but YOU, to choose.  But if it were not for these blogs where would our choice be.  How would we know what is interesting or not to us.  What we find boring or exciting, if we never knew it existed.  There are so many blogs that, that fact alone makes our life broader.

 Sure I could sit here and talk about the BP’s oil spill, …its still leaking,  Or I could talk about Sandra bullock at the MTV music awards, …she is the same loveable person she was before, its Jessie James who has changed.  I could even talk about President Obama, love him, but he is doing his job….like a parent does for their children, it’s the presidents job to get blamed for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in America.

 But these topics are not my muses…that one great thing in MY life, my motivation, my love, that thing that inspires, the voice that allows me to go on and be me….. For me that is my crush. 

When I want to write about something other than my topic, my crush, I visit other peoples blogs and leave comments.

 I understand for many, blogging is a way of life and a job.  And I have to be honest, if I was offered a salary, TV show, radio to do this I would of course take it and so would you.  It is every bloggers dream to have their blog read and admired by the world. But it is not the reason we do it, or at least I do it.  I don’t live to blog…I blog to live.  To ease life as I know… to speak my mind…to let my voice be heard about something that is important to me.

 I mean if you really think about… isn’t life just a blog…what you read in the newspapers, see on TV, read about in book, hear on the radio,…. These are all just someone’s thoughts, said out loud.  Sometimes its interesting and sometimes is not…sometimes its limited and sometimes its broad…but its always personal.

So if after this post my blog suddenly disappears, I have been captured by the powers that be….help me…lol.

And to those of you who have chosen to follow me.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have applied BPR (Blog Printing Resuscitation) on my heart and allowed me to continue another day.

 So should I tell them, would you….

 Yes I will tell you, my followers…. I have a crush on you….

 I deem you, THE CRUSH CREW Club, Stand up, let your voices be heard, Go forth and multiply, bring others to the club.

go against the grain, follow/subscribe to this blog… Join us….

 We’ll talk,