2 01 2011

Broad and wide

Run my fingers up and down

Strong and thick

Wrap my arms all around

When I lose

Your shoulders I cry on

When I win

Your shoulders I ride on

 Pressed against me

Brings the greatest pleasure

Lying within them

Bring  feelings I cannot measure

Strong enough for me to lean on

Soft enough to lean on me


Wide enough to protect me from harm


Soft enough to make me feel safe and warm

I love your shoulders

Still Loving and Crushing

Good night Gorgeous



Warning! Do Not Read If You Are Alive, Others may read on.

9 06 2010

I don't believe we were put together, not to be together.

WARNING!!!  The following content should not be read while sitting next to or in a room of random strangers.  Only read this content at a time when the appropriate actions may take effect.  Product may cause heart palpitations, sweating, mouth watering, hips to move in an uncontrollable fashion, wondering eyes (also known as inappropriate stares) sporadic and fantastic nerve sensations and in some extreme but not rare cases leakage from unmentionable parts of the body.

 In the event that any of the above symptoms should occur.  Seek help immediately.  Contact the desires of your affection and give it to him.  Proceed with caution as product may cause fantasies and animalistic behaviors.  Be gentle with object of desire as he may be confused and overwhelmed by your reaction to this product.

 Product warning: Do Not read while driving.  After effects may cause drowsiness.  May be taken on a full or empty stomach.

 Use product responsibly, manufacturer not responsible for hook ups or pregnancies that may occur as a result of said product.

                                       What Turns you on?

 Tall or short, bald or hairy, muscular or not….lets face it…men are sexy….and although we women are emotional creatures…we all have a little got to have him moment in us.  Whether this moment was the moment you will regret for the rest of your life or the moment you will never forget we all have or will experience it.

 Have you ever seen someone so FINE they made you say D@#%,  and you are a good Christian woman who has never said a curse her life.  Someone who looked so good your mouth dropped and you stared so hard it made them uncomfortable.  You literally drooled.  Someone who actually made your body quiver. You realized before you saw them, you were holding your boyfriend, husbands, or mates hand and now you are uncontrollably rubbing your chest and tugging at your shirt.  You ask yourself who is this Adonis, and wish you had paid more attention in your Greek mythology class. You begin to give God praise for his wondrous works.  You would never refer to another human being as a piece of meat, but you all of a sudden understand where the term “Beefcake” comes from.  You failed french class, but begin to speak it fluently, oooo la la Voulezvous coucher avec moi ce soir (look it up).  You lose all sense of language and begin to ramble incoherently.  Your sweating in places you never knew you could sweat.  As you walk by, your legs buckle and you can feel the eggs in your uterus tapping on your belly in morse code spelling out HE’S THE ONE.

 Towering over you at 6’2  is the real man of steel with his cape blowing in the wind.  Ready to leap on you in a single bound.  Flawless skin, with eyes that suck you into his soul, where you see yourself dancing and skipping though a field of lilies.  Lips that speak the words ‘KISSABLE ALL DAY LONG”, surrounded by the sexiest gotee you have ever seen.  Arms that are so strong it puts Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame.  A chest that sticks out, not in a breasty sort of way, but you can tell he works out.  Nice clean and well-groomed hands and nails.  A six-pack that makes you determined to get drunk and a butt that is firm and perfectly rounded.  Strong muscular legs, and dare  mention a size 13 shoe ;).  He is the type of guy that will make your girlfriends hate you, forever.

 You feel a surge of power you have never felt before.  All of your teachings of a good girl go out the window.  You have decided this is the man of your dreams.  You will spend the rest of your life with him.  You have planned the wedding, named the children and the dog.  You would be a fool to let this one go.  After all it’s the year 2010, you can make the first move.  He is just to scrumptious to leave this one to fate.  So you decide to go in for the kill.  Your chest rises, your heart pounds, your hands get sweaty, you do a quick check in the mirror, lick your lips and….. He looks at you and smiles and you turn and quickly walk away…..NO…NO…NO…. Stupid hard to get gene…not now….you turn back….but it is too late, he is gone.

 As you walk down the street kicking yourself and yelling at yourself (in your head of course) like a crazy person.  As you curse the fates for playing such a cruel trick.  The hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  And you realize he is following you.  You ask yourself  “Is he following me”.  He is.  All of a sudden, the very man who was just the man of your dreams becomes a psychotic stalker and serial killer you saw on the news last week. You pick up pace.  He yells “Excuse me”. You turn.  He’s standing in front of you.  His pheromones are sending you into a complete frenzy.  He says some corny line.  You stare.  He ask your name.  You tell him.  And from there a conversation ensues.  You dip into the nearest coffee  shop and spend the next few hours just talking.  As you speak you realize he is more than just a gorgeous face.  He is very eloquent, well-educated, loves kids, and you have a lot in common.  Your suspicions are confirmed.  He is the one. 

Thank you fate.

 I don’t believe we were put together, not to be together…

Should I tell him,  would you?…

 We will see

 Good Morning Gorgeous,