2 01 2011

Broad and wide

Run my fingers up and down

Strong and thick

Wrap my arms all around

When I lose

Your shoulders I cry on

When I win

Your shoulders I ride on

 Pressed against me

Brings the greatest pleasure

Lying within them

Bring  feelings I cannot measure

Strong enough for me to lean on

Soft enough to lean on me


Wide enough to protect me from harm


Soft enough to make me feel safe and warm

I love your shoulders

Still Loving and Crushing

Good night Gorgeous



I Have Never Fallen Into A Toilet, Have You?

24 06 2010



Honey, Did you fall in the toilet? Again?


Crush Crew Club Commentary 

 Ok ….now I know there are issues with men and their somewhat childlike behaviors… but ladies come on some things are just too much and I have to agree you are being a nag…. 

 I just had a 2 hour conversation with a girl friend about the things her husband does not do….he does not pick up his underwear off the bathroom floor, he leaves his socks and clothes on the bedroom floor, he makes a mess in the kitchen, when he shaves he leaves hair all over, he eats on the couch and leaves food stains everywhere, he is constantly burping and farting and he always leaves the toilet seat up…. Ok this is where I jumped in…. 

 All my life I have heard women complain  that this is their biggest complaint about men….and I don’t want to do an injustice to my gender but…what is the big deal….so what he left the toilet seat up, just put it down…I don’t understand why you would be afraid of falling in a toilet…do you fear you will flush yourself down the drain and end up swimming in the Atlantic…. Trust me you won’t fit… and if you really think about it…men could complain we leave the seat down… 

 I grew up with 2 brothers, I now have 3 sons and have dated quite a bit…and the solution to this problem is simple…. 

Look before you sit. 

 I have to say I would rather a guy leave the toilet seat up…at least then I know he knows how to use it, and that his stream is going where its supposed to….I don’t like guys (my sons excluded) who do not put the seat up….leaving a trail of juices on the seat…and I sit in it…. Now that is nasty. 

To be honest, I have gone in the bathroom after guys, seen the seat down…and my first thought was not…awww isn’t he courteous, but it was, dude pees with the seat down…. 

 As for leaving socks, underwear, other clothing around and having to clean up behind him….well we have to blame mom for that one….and speaking as a mother…although I do try to teach my sons better…lets face it women are nurturing and we will pick up after our boys…even while yelling at them to put their stuff away…we are picking their stuff up and putting them away… so men get it in their heads that, that is what women do…. 

 And when you think about it…it is true… its what we do… that’s why we complain about what he doesn’t do, because we are so used to doing it for him…but seriously ladies think about it…we love having that man there to do those things for…and think about what he does for you… 

 When you can’t reach that cup at the top of the cabinet, lift that heavy box, or when you are moving the couch for the 5th time….When you want the house painted, need a jar opened or something fixed….when you are tired of cooking and he takes you out…what about when you are sad or had a bad day and you just lay in his arms for comfort…. Think about how he makes you feel when he kisses you and you make love….Those beautiful children you have together  and all the great memories…. So what he is a mess….he is your mess and you love him.

 Now guys…as for the farting and Burping…lets get that under control…its ok to do that when your around your buddies…but we ladies do not think that is cute…its gross… 

So ladies, the next time you walk towards your bathroom in fear, think about the time you stood on the table screaming for him to kill a spider…and who got the job done for you…. Then suck it up, smile, stretch forth your hand, take one for the team, and put that seat down…. 

 Still thinking about you gorgeous,