26 04 2011


Hopeless, I’ve given up

Content, with what life had given me

Saddened, by why my heart was missing

Depressed and in despair was all around

So I took a long walk

To a pier I had visited once before

As I let my feet get closer and closer to the edge

I was overwhelmed with fear

But feeling life had nothing else to offer

I continued to the edge

As I looked over at this ocean before

I thought of the pain this could cause

The heartache, the tears

I also thought about the joys of life

The hugs, the kisses, the smiles

The love and the love making

In spite of my mind fighting against my heart

I jumped in and began to drown

Once I was in,

My natural instinct was to fight

I kicked and screamed

Not wanting to succumb to the waves

But my efforts were in vain

My mind gave into my heart

And I began to take you in

I was engulfed

You filled my lungs

My thoughts, my desire were consumed by you

I felt you all around me

Holding me, carrying me, moving me

Loving me

I am completely saturated by your love

You are in me

And I am in love with you

Where you flow I flow

I am drowning in your love

And have no desire to be saved




8 responses

27 04 2011

WOW love this! Love this!
It has been too long… by this I see that you are doing great?!

27 04 2011

Yes it has been a while…we are doing very well….i will catch you guys up shortly…..

28 04 2011
DROWNING | Kids say :

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28 04 2011

Thank you for sharing this with your readers…

29 04 2011
Mutuo Consensu

Sweet, as ever…

21 04 2012

Oh man…you had me worried with the title. Beautiful twist.

21 04 2012

lol…glad you dove in and read the whole thing….lol

22 10 2012
Looking at divorce

This is beautiful thank you!

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