My Sweet Little Boy Has Autism

20 11 2010

I first laid eyes on my youngest son when he was 2 days old….he was placed in my arms and I was told…”he has severe brain damage, he will never walk, never talk…he will be a vegetable and probably not live past the age of 3…we understand if you choose not to adopt him”

I wrapped him in a blanket and cried all the way home…I cried not for him in his condition…because I knew that God created him perfectly….but I cried at a society that could just say something like this to a child….

By taking this broken child and loving him through out his life. I was made whole…he has taught me to be diligent, resilient and to never give up.

He is now 11 years old, walking and speaks a little…But he sings with the voice of an angel…we have come along way. and still have quite a journey to travel…but we will get there.

Communication is more than words…its what’s not said that speaks volumes….

When we celebrated his 3rd birthday, I praised God for the blessing he had given me…and wrote this for him


My son has autism, but it does not have him
Although sometimes I look at other kids,
And wish he was like them

Just like a baby, who cries when they have a need
He communicates with me perfectly
Although he never speaks

He has spoken volumes to me without saying a word
But everything his eyes have said
My heart has received and heard

People are amazed when in the midst of his fits and screams
I see my sweet little boy
Filled with hopes and dreams

I sometimes get mad, when he is rambunctious and loud
But then I think how far he has come
And I feel overwhelmingly proud

He may not speak in a way that seems normal to you or I
But you too could understand every word
If you truly listened or tried

On the rare occasion I see him run and play,
But alone in the corner is where I find him most days

Although I may never hear him call me mom or say his name
He is a child worthy of life and I love him just the same

Many nights on my knees I prayed and I cried,
thanking God for this sweet little boy he has placed in my life

For I know no greater treasure, and have no greater joy
Than to kiss the cheeks of my sweet little boy

JAIRE has autism, but it does not have him,
I look at other children and realize,
My sweet little boy IS just like them

Jaire age 11




4 responses

22 11 2010

Sweet 🙂
As I like to say about my son he is our normal!
Hugs to you

22 11 2010

yes and we are twice blessed for them…

22 11 2010

That we are!

28 11 2010
Rev. Col

He is just beautiful, and so are you! ~<3

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