You Are Delicious

5 11 2010

When I woke up this morning you were the first thing on my mind

I look down and see 1, 2 special little treats

My mouth begins to water as I take you

One in each hand, fit so perfectly

I gently fondle and caress you

As I contemplate what I am going to do to you

I lay you out, with oils so you easily glide in and out

small circles I stir

I watch as you turn from this soft mass

into a hard delight

Wrapped around the meat that is laid between

I watch you rise and pulsate

You are just about done

I can hardly wait as I anticipate you entering me

I open wide and take in more of you than I can hold

Your juices burst out and onto my chin

I want more so I go in

U R the best way to start my morning

U R Delicious

Don’t you guys just love a steak and egg omelet first thing in the morning

 still crushing,





10 responses

5 11 2010
Vodka and Ground Beef

This made me make sausage for dinner. I like it with a little maple syrup dip.

5 11 2010

lol…. i hope you buttered and toasted the buns…

6 11 2010

LOL…I now am craving an over-easy egg sandwhich.

6 11 2010

lol… flip it over easy…then take it hard boiled…lol

7 11 2010
JDaniel4' s Mom

I love omelets any time of the day. Stopping from Mom Loop!

7 11 2010

yes…they always hit the spot and are a great and tasty treat….. thanks for stopping by….

10 11 2010

LOL hilarious this is great 🙂

Love me a sunny side up egg any day and yes with suasage.

Good to read you hope all is good with you!

10 11 2010

yes i like my sausage with sticky buns…lol….

10 11 2010
Angelia Sims Hardy

I was thinking it was a juicy smoked sausage. Yum! I shouldn’t read this when I’m hungry.

10 11 2010

Hungry for what…

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