I’M Craving Chocolate

13 10 2010

Hello Mr. GoodBar

Smooth creamy delight

Alone you are delicious

But add you as a topping, orgasmic

Hot, steamy pour you over cold Ice cream

Stick you in my peanut butter

Drizzle you over my strawberry patch

Swirl you around in my hot chocolate,

Place you between the layers of my cake

Tootsie rolls


Nestle up together

Mounds of pleasure

Sometimes I feel like a nut

So much joy

Dipping your whachamacallit it in my kit kat

Takes me far to another milky way

You say around me you get butterfingers

I feel the same, like a complete goober

The sight of you makes me stutter, mmmm

You are driving me nutrageous

I can’t take much more of this

You are worth more than 100 grand

And its payday

Chocolate kisses


My milk chocolate, your white chocolate

We make a tasty swirl

And you know chocolate is addicting.


So what should my next move be,

We will see

Till later Gorgeous





4 responses

16 10 2010
Vodka and Ground Beef

I love it.

But my favorite line has to be: “Stick you in my peanut butter.” I might try to use this to pick up on hot men tonight. Would you mind? I have this vision: I write this verse on a cocktail napkin, and then pass it to the man who’s attracted my fancy. I’m excited. I’ve got to get my mustache waxed first though.

16 10 2010

lol… your too much…. don’t wax it…add a milk mustache….it goes great with peanut butter….lol

5 11 2010
Fiordaliza Charles

That was scrumptious, lol

5 11 2010

hungry were you…lol

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