Breakfast In Bed

22 09 2010

The Best Way To Start Every Morning


Your scent wakes me up in the morning 

Strong and alluring 

Whispering my name 

You lay before me hot, steaming and inviting 

My eyes widen as I see the meal that is set before me 

I thank God for the abundant portions 

The thought of tasting you makes my mouth water 

What should I try first 

Such decadent sweet delights 

I just dive in 


I taste you on my lips and feel you move through out my body 

From my throat to my stomach to that place of sweet release below 

I can feel every inch of you 


You fill me up as you enter 

My every craving you satisfy 

The extra weight you put on my body is welcomed 

Caressing my every curve 


Sweet mountainous sticky buns, erupting with a sweet tangy syrup 

Bursting through my lips , dripping down onto my sheets 

I am full and completely satisfied 


You are a delicious and worthwhile treat 

I lick my lips and anticipate lunch 


so what’s my next move, What would yours be? 

we will see 

till then 

Good Morning Gorgeous, 





6 responses

22 09 2010


keep waiting she says hesistantly
WHEW steamy

22 09 2010

lol…. i know…. i’m trying….but its getting harder and harder….lol

3 10 2010
Vodka and Ground Beef

I smoked a cigarette after this post.

4 10 2010

lol…. yeah it was good for me too

4 10 2010

heyy hope (:
this is so emotional and passionate !
btw im just wondering if u have gone on my blog recently. because ive been getting views and i want to know if its from this certain guy 😛
if u have, can u tell me when?
and if u havent, then maybe the views really are from him !
always leave a comment on a post if u ever do visit my blog ! i love feedback (:
(: thanks, lots of love, white.

4 10 2010

hey…. i do always leave a comment…. i visited today…and will be back…

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