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17 09 2010

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I called you today, made an appointment with your secretary

I booked a meeting room for us

Just you and I, no need for anyone else

We got a situation we need to work out

Gotta schedule some time alone,

We got some work to do

I’m gonna need you for an hour

maybe 2

You know what you better clear your schedule


and tomorrow too

Theres a meeting in my bedroom

Don’t be late, Don’t make me wait

Hold all my calls, drop them files on the floor

Clear this desk, I’m gonna lay it out for you

Take some dictation, use your fingers to type out what you want

No jobs to big or small

Just put your thoughts and ideas on the table

I guarantee we will cover them all

Pull up a chair, Lay back relax, clear your  mind

Don’t worry I booked this room all day

So we got plenty of time

let me back up those files, Were almost there

You deserve that  raise for all the hard work you’re putting in

Insert Data Here

Type a letter or maybe 3


What’s your objectives,  What is the desired outcome

At the end of this meeting the participants will be able to

Do anything their hearts desire

I know your tired

Been working hard all week

I know just what you need

I’m gonna deliver, you just sign the release

Gotta love this job

It has the best perks and benefits package

Insert data here

Save, print file it under G ….. Best presentation ever, A job well done

Lets schedule a follow-up meeting next week

so what should my next move be, what would yours be

we will see

till then

meeting ajourned

Good Day Gorgeous,





2 responses

17 09 2010


17 09 2010

i know…made me smile too….lol

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