16 09 2010

I crave it, longingly want it

Spend my whole day thinking about it

The thought of consuming it fills my desires

 I am addicted

 Goosebumps at the thought of it

My body aches as it yearns for it

My first thoughts in the mornings are aspirations of acquiring it

Even after having my fill of it, I hunger for more

 Nothing but my addiction can quench this insatiable thirst

I lust after it, I need it, I want it

I require a fix, a dose of it

Not just a small dose, but I want to overdose

Too much is never enough

 Holding it my body shivers, tasting my lips quiver

Getting it takes me to a place of nostalgia

I am floating on air

Bliss, peace, sweet release

 There is but one cure, more

 You gave me my first taste and now I am hooked

Only you know what I need and can provide me with it

 Each time I need more and more

 Every pore in my body pines for it

 I call you to get my fix

 You provide

 I am addicted to you

 You are my drug of choice

 You feel so good

 I don’t want to ever come down from your high

 You’re a bad habit, I’ll never kick

So what’s my next move, what would yours be

we will see

till my next fix

Good Day Gorgeous





4 responses

16 09 2010

I like this ” I am addicted to you you are my drug of choice.”

17 09 2010

yeah, you know when I’ve got time I’ll have a piece of my mind to give you! 😉

you go girl!

17 09 2010

bring it on….i’ll be waiting…lol

6 10 2010
myrick insurance

Maybe the most influential read that I have read all month?!?

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