Men and Boobs

13 09 2010

Weapons of mass destruction

Ok guys help me out here….. What is the fascination with men and boobs….

 This past Friday me and my guy ( 🙂 sounds nice to say)… were watching a movie called Laid To Rest….. It’s a horror movie (we are both horror fanatics) about a young woman who wakes up in a coffin and is stalked by a slasher….not very scary….but very gory…

So on Saturday afternoon we had some friends over and I over hear my guy ( 🙂 ) telling his friends about the movie….all is normal until I hear him say the heroine in the movie had the biggest boobs ever…


Did we watch the same movie…. I remembered the woman having on a large T-shirt throughout the flick….how could he tell she had big boobs….

So I teased him about his x-ray vision and wild and vivid imagination… he assured me she showed the boobs in the flick that’s how he knew….. So me being the woman and having to be right… the movie and in fast forward mode replayed it….nothing….then he rewinded it…and no exaggeration this scene must have been 30 seconds long…yes she flashed them…and they were impressive.

 Now this is not a jealous rant….because I am not lacking in this area….now that I think about it….maybe that’s what attracted him to me….nah…but I find it hilarious that we could watch the same movie… and I talk about the actual 1 hour and 25 minutes of movie I saw…and all he got out of it was a 30 second scene…

 Well I guess that’s why when we ladies want something we flash those puppies….it sends men into a stooper…they can’t think….what is it…

 Is it the bounce, the shape, the fact that they are in 3D, past mommy issues…. I just don’t get it…maybe I take them for granted…but seriously…they are just body parts, aren’t they….

It makes me wonder….are there any parts of a man that sends women into a stooper


Nope we are far too intelligent for that 😀

Any who…. All is well on the crush front

 So what’s my next move…..what would yours be,

 We will see,

Till then

 A shake of the boobs to ya Gorgeous





9 responses

13 09 2010

Of course we all have some part of the male anatomy that drives us bonkers. Even I who can honestly say that I dont gaze have my favourite I go gaga male parts. For example the only part of The Outsiders I remember vividly is Rob Lowe coming out of the shower with his towel barely hanging around his waist. Wowza! ANd I think this was a very very very small part LOL

And the boobs thing it is all of those things that you mentioned. LOL
Excited that it is going great 😀

13 09 2010

i have to admit the first time i saw eric dane shirtless….and don’t even mention will smith in that shower scene in I robot…. i had to pick my mouth up off the floor…but i did it quickly and no one noticed…. that is the art of the woman….it does not render us stooooopid….we still have control over the situation…. thats what makes us the more intellegent of the species….lol… now flash a diamond….and thats a whole other story….lol…

14 09 2010

I think for me, I’m not as visual when it comes to men, though shoulders are my absolute favorite part. Especially broad shoulders. It makes me go all aflutter.

Makes me feel a little sad that I don’t have big boobs, sometimes =( but that is funny!

14 09 2010

yes shoulders are nice…along with strong arms….
girl don’t be sad be proud of what you got….. men like 2 sizes
a hand full or a mouth full
so work it you have plenty….lol

15 09 2010

Abby don’t even go there it is as Hope says men love your boobs what ever size it is at 😀
So you enjoy yours too!

2 01 2011
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8 02 2011
Sammy Sue

Ha Ha…hilariously true posting 🙂 I am the opposite…not very well endowed, so this fascination men have with them leave me feeling a little insecure. But, I’m a single Mommy now and I don’t have time for insecurities.

As for men’s body parts…definitely the wings…what are these called? Whatever they are…I love a strong, muscular pair!!

8 02 2011

LMBO… i never heard that Wings?….. sounds sexy….lol

14 07 2012
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[…] imaginative mind. Top Honors goes to the post by “Hopelessly Crushing On You”, entitled “Men and Boobs”. It’s been on the back burner for over three months waiting to see what direction it would […]

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