Breakfast In Bed

22 09 2010

The Best Way To Start Every Morning


Your scent wakes me up in the morning 

Strong and alluring 

Whispering my name 

You lay before me hot, steaming and inviting 

My eyes widen as I see the meal that is set before me 

I thank God for the abundant portions 

The thought of tasting you makes my mouth water 

What should I try first 

Such decadent sweet delights 

I just dive in 


I taste you on my lips and feel you move through out my body 

From my throat to my stomach to that place of sweet release below 

I can feel every inch of you 


You fill me up as you enter 

My every craving you satisfy 

The extra weight you put on my body is welcomed 

Caressing my every curve 


Sweet mountainous sticky buns, erupting with a sweet tangy syrup 

Bursting through my lips , dripping down onto my sheets 

I am full and completely satisfied 


You are a delicious and worthwhile treat 

I lick my lips and anticipate lunch 


so what’s my next move, What would yours be? 

we will see 

till then 

Good Morning Gorgeous, 



Insert Data Here

17 09 2010

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I called you today, made an appointment with your secretary

I booked a meeting room for us

Just you and I, no need for anyone else

We got a situation we need to work out

Gotta schedule some time alone,

We got some work to do

I’m gonna need you for an hour

maybe 2

You know what you better clear your schedule


and tomorrow too

Theres a meeting in my bedroom

Don’t be late, Don’t make me wait

Hold all my calls, drop them files on the floor

Clear this desk, I’m gonna lay it out for you

Take some dictation, use your fingers to type out what you want

No jobs to big or small

Just put your thoughts and ideas on the table

I guarantee we will cover them all

Pull up a chair, Lay back relax, clear your  mind

Don’t worry I booked this room all day

So we got plenty of time

let me back up those files, Were almost there

You deserve that  raise for all the hard work you’re putting in

Insert Data Here

Type a letter or maybe 3


What’s your objectives,  What is the desired outcome

At the end of this meeting the participants will be able to

Do anything their hearts desire

I know your tired

Been working hard all week

I know just what you need

I’m gonna deliver, you just sign the release

Gotta love this job

It has the best perks and benefits package

Insert data here

Save, print file it under G ….. Best presentation ever, A job well done

Lets schedule a follow-up meeting next week

so what should my next move be, what would yours be

we will see

till then

meeting ajourned

Good Day Gorgeous,



16 09 2010

I crave it, longingly want it

Spend my whole day thinking about it

The thought of consuming it fills my desires

 I am addicted

 Goosebumps at the thought of it

My body aches as it yearns for it

My first thoughts in the mornings are aspirations of acquiring it

Even after having my fill of it, I hunger for more

 Nothing but my addiction can quench this insatiable thirst

I lust after it, I need it, I want it

I require a fix, a dose of it

Not just a small dose, but I want to overdose

Too much is never enough

 Holding it my body shivers, tasting my lips quiver

Getting it takes me to a place of nostalgia

I am floating on air

Bliss, peace, sweet release

 There is but one cure, more

 You gave me my first taste and now I am hooked

Only you know what I need and can provide me with it

 Each time I need more and more

 Every pore in my body pines for it

 I call you to get my fix

 You provide

 I am addicted to you

 You are my drug of choice

 You feel so good

 I don’t want to ever come down from your high

 You’re a bad habit, I’ll never kick

So what’s my next move, what would yours be

we will see

till my next fix

Good Day Gorgeous


HUMP DAY, Pun intended

15 09 2010

It’s hard to believe that’s its only been 2 months since we have brought this crush into fruition.   It seems like we have been dating for years.  I had set some boundaries for myself that I was determined not to cross, but it is getting very difficult.

 You know there are certain times of the month when a woman just feels….well…. Uncontrollably horny… I am so there right now….lol

Now while our relationship is not that of a sexual nature I have to admit there are times when this man makes me want to take the P out of  HOPE and do things that would not be very Christian or lady like 😉

Although we have known each other for quite some time, we have only been “dating” for the past couple of months so when is too soon.

I know, I know we are both adults, neither one of us virgins and we have thought this relationship out completely

But I still feel the need to restrain myself….if not for any other reason as that I made a celibacy commitment to myself 5 years ago and have been faithful to it.  Gorgeous is aware of this and says that is one of the things he admires about me…but he agrees it is hard, pun intended 😉

 So the easiest thing to do would be to separate myself from the temptation, and not get myself into sticky situations….but that’s not so easy…as this relationship grows we are spending more and more time with each other, and that’s a good thing so I am not complaining.  I love being with and around him and I know he feels the same way.

 I am an adult and I know I can handle this and do it at anytime…. I guess what I am feeling is that I don’t want to be a hypocrite…when I speak to the youth in my program… I can proudly tell them to wait or be abstinent because I am practicing that myself…and although I understand the desires and temptations they are stronger than that desire…. But oh lordy its hard….when temptation is right in your face, on your couch, on your bed….

And I know I do not have to tell and don’t plan to tell my youth anything about what me and gorgeous do, but it’s a personal thing.

 So again I say when is too soon…and do the same standards apply to adults and teenagers….

 Any way… now I am just ranting… over the last 2 weeks a have written a book of poems to which I am calling


Just wanted to warn you guys….we have not crossed over to that part of our relationship yet….but my imagination has taken over and I cannot be held responsible for the words in my blog….lol

From time to time I will post some of that poetry…maybe on hump days…lol

 You are here by warned….. Read further at your own risk

 So how far would you go

 We will see

 Till then,

Look out gorgeous,


Men and Boobs

13 09 2010

Weapons of mass destruction

Ok guys help me out here….. What is the fascination with men and boobs….

 This past Friday me and my guy ( 🙂 sounds nice to say)… were watching a movie called Laid To Rest….. It’s a horror movie (we are both horror fanatics) about a young woman who wakes up in a coffin and is stalked by a slasher….not very scary….but very gory…

So on Saturday afternoon we had some friends over and I over hear my guy ( 🙂 ) telling his friends about the movie….all is normal until I hear him say the heroine in the movie had the biggest boobs ever…


Did we watch the same movie…. I remembered the woman having on a large T-shirt throughout the flick….how could he tell she had big boobs….

So I teased him about his x-ray vision and wild and vivid imagination… he assured me she showed the boobs in the flick that’s how he knew….. So me being the woman and having to be right… the movie and in fast forward mode replayed it….nothing….then he rewinded it…and no exaggeration this scene must have been 30 seconds long…yes she flashed them…and they were impressive.

 Now this is not a jealous rant….because I am not lacking in this area….now that I think about it….maybe that’s what attracted him to me….nah…but I find it hilarious that we could watch the same movie… and I talk about the actual 1 hour and 25 minutes of movie I saw…and all he got out of it was a 30 second scene…

 Well I guess that’s why when we ladies want something we flash those puppies….it sends men into a stooper…they can’t think….what is it…

 Is it the bounce, the shape, the fact that they are in 3D, past mommy issues…. I just don’t get it…maybe I take them for granted…but seriously…they are just body parts, aren’t they….

It makes me wonder….are there any parts of a man that sends women into a stooper


Nope we are far too intelligent for that 😀

Any who…. All is well on the crush front

 So what’s my next move…..what would yours be,

 We will see,

Till then

 A shake of the boobs to ya Gorgeous


Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude.

10 09 2010

With any relationship Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude go a long way.  One of the most important things you can do to build a healthy relationship is to express these often.

As my relationship has very quickly been taken to levels I never imagined myself in such a short period of time, I have to smile. 

It’s a good thing.

You respect me and I truly appreciate it and I am thankful to you for it.

You respect that I am not a morning person, but I appreciate that yours is the first voice I hear when I wake up.

I respect, “it’s a MAN thing” to always want to pay for dinner, But I appreciate the fact that you respectfully allow me to keep my independence by letting me leave the tip.

I appreciate the fact that you respect me enough to understand what taking it slowly means.  Your right, we have waited this long to find each other, what’s a few more months or years as long as we are together.

I appreciate you doing the dishes, hanging out with my boys and sneaking my keys to go and put gas in my car.

You respect the fact that I don’t like flowers, and I appreciate it when you by them and put them in the waiting area because it makes it “look Nice”.

I appreciate that all though I know I sometimes take you to the brink…. You respect me enough to stop when I ask you to.  I love you for that.

I appreciate and respect you for trying to keep work at work, even when I bring it up.

I appreciate your tone.

I appreciate you standing up for me.

I appreciate the gentle way you take my hand when you feel the need to protect me.

I respect you for your values, morals and faith.

I respect you for understanding why the L word is a hard thing for me to say, Out loud 😉

I appreciate the way you take care of and do things for “our family”, even when you don’t have to.

I am grateful that I don’t have to ask, you just seem to know.

I am grateful for all the little things you do that have such a big impact on my heart and my life.

I am grateful for you being in my life, and being able to finally see you there.

I thank God for you, Everyday.

I am sure he already knows my secret…

Now I am wondering if I should tell him about this blog,  would you

We will see, till then

Thank You Gorgeous