I’m Still Crushing

23 07 2010

Hey Guys

Just wanted to let you know I did not drop off the face of the earth…. or run away and elope with Gorgeous….although the thought did cross my mind….

My computer crashed..and as I am sure all you bloggers know… it took my world with it… so I am looking for a new one….and will post all the juice and gossip next week…

Thank you for all the emails….

and I do have a lot to write about….. so till then…

I did not tell him, Yet





5 responses

23 07 2010

haha i seriously thought you had died or started a new blog entitled
” I TOLD HIM….!”


3 08 2010

lol… not yet…still in love with this one….and scared to tell him…lol

23 07 2010

I was wondering where you were! Sorry to hear about the computer. That’s pretty annoying… hope you find a new one that won’t cost you too much.

24 07 2010

I was wondering! Though I would let you know I thought you were embroiled a steamy embrace that you didnt want to be released from to update lil ole us LOL

Good computer hunting and happy weekend

3 08 2010

not too far from the truth…stay reading…lol

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