First Date, 1st base or Home Run, How Far Do You Go?

12 07 2010

Ok… I may be a little out of the loop here…. How far do you go on a first date these days….

Back in my day…wow I never thought I’d ever say that….anyway…you never  kissed on the first date and definitely didn’t go any further unless you were that type of girl….

 According to my kids at the youth center…. The game has changed…. First base is no longer kissing or holding hands….but its doing other things with your mouth, the you skip straight to the home run…. What’s happening here… am I so out of touch with he dating world….

 I am a god Christian woman…. I would never think of doing any of those things with someone on a first date…. I would have to know him very well and for a while first 🙂 ….

 So how far is too far…. On a first date

 Kissing, good…                                                     licking, bad

Holding hands, good…..                                    Stroking with hands, bad

Dancing rhythmically, good…..                     Other rhythmic movements, bad

Cuddling till you fall asleep, good                 Sleeping with each other, bad

Tickling, good….                                                   Tickling bad

Touching, good….                                                Touching bad    

 Orgasmic date, good                                           Orgasm, Never bad 😉

Should I really be worried about whether I went to far or not…. I am a grown woman… I am entitled, aren’t I?  And I have known him for quite a while…

 But I do have to see him again…and I should be able to look him in the face, and take this relationship to the next level.

 So how far did I go…..   I will let you know in my next post…            

 Good Night Gorgeous





6 responses

13 07 2010

Oooh. Keep us posted.

Personally, I’ve never been on a date, but on a first date I wouldn’t expect to do more than look at each other. And not in THAT way either.

13 07 2010

On a very first date, everyone should be on their best behavior.

People nowadays aren’t interested in GROWING together. Getting to know one another and preparing for the future is “lame” to these kids. In fact I wouldn’t even call these DATES that these kids are going on. They are all plotting on the best locations outside of their homes to go and make out. It’s not really a date in the sense of the word that we are used to. It’s a location scout.

This whole topic makes me so worried for my daughter. This is such an over sex-ed world and I just hope I can raise her to have better morals and standards than some of these kids have.

13 07 2010

excerpt from “Dr Seuss (aka rubbing your cat with my hat)”

You should enjoy the application process, go out on many a date.
The choices are yours as to weather or not sex has to wait.
But a MAN dedicated to fully knowing your mind
will have the endurance to wait if he cant tap that behind. 😉

On Remaining True To Ones Self –
Boiled down to the lowest common denominator…
Honorable aspirations require no external approval
Remaining true to ones self satisfies all and is it’s own reward.

(I think you might just have a “keeper”)

14 07 2010

On a first date I think a kiss and hand hold might be nice but certainly anything below the lips caressing should be held off for awhile. Just my thought.
Cuddling till you fall asleep to me should wait until date 3, 5,7 LOL yes I am a prude at times
People rush in too quickly these days and as Queen Pinky said I am now worried for my daughters.

Looking forward to the date update it seems that it may have gone great 🙂

18 07 2010

I am really enjoying your blog 🙂 can’t wait to find out how it went.

23 07 2010

Will be posting updates soon..

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