He Proposed…And Of Course I said YES

6 07 2010

Ok…ok… people pick your jaws up off the floor…. I am just kidding….although….

 I was more than impressed by him….. Let me back track a little….

I was seriously nervous about having him over…not because it would sort of be our first date…. But because after I said yes to him coming over for my family BBQ…. I realized it was my FAMILY BBQ….and everyone would be there…aunts, uncles, parents and Jeff, y’all remember him right?…

All those stereotypical families you see on TV… that’s my family…

 I have the old southern aunts that all they sit around and talk about all day everyday, is having a man…needing a man and wanting a man…

I have the uncle who always has to control the grill only to burn most of the food and undercook the rest….

 Then there is my father… well lets just say… I am his daughter and have never been married…and because  am very secretive…he has only met one of my boyfriends, my sons father…so the thought of me being with someone would send him over the top.

Now let me tell you about this wonderful man…. My BBQ was to start at 12pm.  He showed up at 10:30am, to help me get everything set up, and if that wasn’t sweet enough, he brought flowers.  I introduced him to my father as a coworker, which I thought was ok.

 The day went pretty much as I thought it would… I didn’t get to spend a lot of  one on one time with him…trying to balance him and my family…so this was definitely not the ideal first date.  I did however get to see him in action and see how and if he would fit in with my extended family.  He did not disappoint.

 He chatted with my dad as if they were old friends….flirted with my aunts and when I noticed that uncle Johnny was not at the grill, I asked him how he did it and he said…and I quote “I simply told him, I am more than just a coworker, and he is a guest in our home”.       

                                                          I love this man.

 The only problem of the night was Jeff, who was clearly seriously jealous.  But that’s another time, another post.

 The last guest left  “OUR” home at about 11:30… he stayed to help me clean up.

 He finally left at 2am…and I have to say I was very disappointed… he didn’t ask me out again, so I figured either my family scared him off….or he felt we were better off…just being friends…. Oh well it is what it is…

 Then at 2:37am called me…and we talked till 7am…and not once did we mention work or anything work related.  He also asked if we could have a “real date”  and Saturday and of course I said yes… 🙂

 So for the next 4 days… I will have butterflies in my stomach…and I have to see him tomorrow…  I hope I can contain myself…

 So…should I tell him of my huge crush on our date…or should I play it cool….

 We will see

 Good Night Gorgeous





10 responses

7 07 2010

That sounds really awesome! All the best for the two of you.

I saw the subject and was all like “what? when? how?” lol!

7 07 2010

lol…. i thought that would make you guys smile…

7 07 2010

SOOOOO awesome!
It’s sounds next to perfect!
Good luck with the date =]

8 07 2010

it was… i m so nervous about this date…

7 07 2010

WOW he is a keeper he came an hour and half early to HELP!!!!!!
Oh wow
oh I said that already.
You are so silly by the way LOL trying to trick us

I am sure the date will be stellar!

Have a good week

8 07 2010

yes he is…. i bought a new grill from lowes and although they put it together….he wanted to make sure it was right…
as far as the proposal subject…it was a long weekend…wanted to make you guys smile…lol

7 07 2010

dude! lol, how awesome!

i still dont think u should tell him yet, not until you guys are really in a relationship. play it cool. not that i think it will hurt anything, but jus play it way cool! 😀

it’ll be one of those things where u guys are sitting around talking one night and u jus say, “Hey you know when we were first hanging out 2 years ago, i really had a BIG crush on you!” then he will say, “Really?” lol. Cute!

8 07 2010

yes that would be nice…. i will try not to say anything….unless he says something first….lol

8 07 2010

OMG!! I love it! Good luck on your date and def good luck with trying to play it cool til then!

8 07 2010

i am trying really hard to play it cool…. not sure its working….lol

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