1 07 2010

He's is nothing compared to you babe.

As I sit here in my office staring at you I ask myself when did I change.  I have never been attracted to tall men before.  But as I wipe the drool from my mouth, I can’t help but to imagine my fingers following, touching every inch of your 6’2 astonishing frame…

  My mind wonders what you must think of me in that brain of yours that is so intelligent, I am captivated by your every word and yet it is discerning enough to separate my needs from my wants and provide me with my desires.

 My fingers playing in your head, other head people :), as your bronze hair is cascading across your brow at the perfect length to tickle my belly as you kiss me there.

Your face so clear, precise, perfectly formed and chiseled that I can only imagine the awe on the faces of the angels as YOU were created in his image.

 Your ears are the perfect handle bar to pull you closer, so tasty, yet flexible enough to not just listen to, but hear my whispers.

 Your eyes that although seem to change colors, always reflect the deepest love in your soul.  And in them I see our future.

 Your lips so impeccably sculpted, screaming kiss me, they speak to my every desire and draw me in with every breath.

 As I lean into you, your scent has my hormones doing somersaults.

 Your shoulders so broad and wide they can hold my whole world, yet comforting enough for me to lay my head.

 Arms so muscular they are strong enough to hold all my dreams and gentle enough to embrace all of me.

 Hands that hold on to mine, firmly gripping my passion and gently glide to the warmest parts of my being.

 A pulsating chest that every rise and fall sends waves of emotions through every part of me.   A heart that bleeds love, kindness, life and every beat is music to my ears.

 Abs that ripple so perfectly like a maze leading down to that not so hidden manly bulge the makes me … 🙂 bananas.

 A back so powerfully built, and prominently braced to withstand the pressures of life.  As I follow its river flowing from the valleys to the marvelous hills below.

 Legs that are long and lean running away from no one and only towards me.  They stand firm in their beliefs, buckle in my presence and bow in divine reverence.

Feet that are firmly planted and unmovable, in those size 13 shoes that I will follow anywhere and everywhere.

David, dare I speak your name.  David, I want to scream your name.   David, I want to take your name.

David         DAVid       DAVID…

If Michael Angelo laid eyes on you, he would take a hammer to his David, because he pales in comparison to mine.

 So I have decided to tell him, question is How.  How would you?

We will see

Good Day Gorgeous David,





15 responses

1 07 2010

Argh!!!! Do it!
But I dunno how… I wouldn’t have the guts, so I can’t inspire you!!

1 07 2010

lol… i know…. i am working on it…. i will keep you posted…

1 07 2010


truly creative enlightenment……lease of love to david …….

1 07 2010

Oh steamy!!! I almost had to stop reading LOL. are we crushing on the same guy LOL
(I have to share my musing about my crush with you will email it)

I am so nervous … now it is so real he has a name
I say go for it
you will never know how good it can be if you don’t reach out and try.

1 07 2010

yes…he is steamy….lol… yes i am making moves…so i put his name out there…gonna make the next move very soon….

i put my email in the wrong post here it is emoniq@comcast.net

1 07 2010

Damn! This is better than watching Soap Operas anytime! 🙂

1 07 2010

LOL… my life is a soap opera…next time on HOPES DESIRES…she attempts to confront the man of her dreams…will they walk off into the night together or will she find herself in a horrible nightmare….lol

1 07 2010

ayayay. this was definitely intense 🙂

ah, David. I’m glad you decided to go for it! Now, it’s how?
Hey its 4th of July experiment with some fireworks involving his name and yours and a statement, JK, kinda.

But that’s as good as my ideas go, for now…

1 07 2010

that’s not a bad idea….David and Hope sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i….well you know the rest….lol
maybe i can find a rocket to burst our names in a heart….lol… might be expensive…but he is soooooo worth it….

2 07 2010

Helllo Hope, thanks for stopping by my blog.

I would just jumb into it and say how I feel. No need to go about the bush :).

2 07 2010

i don’t know if i have the guts…. im trying…lol

2 07 2010

go with that old tried and true cliche’…

Hey David, I need a guys opinion about something. I have this “girlfriend” that really likes this guy, but it’s complicated for her because…

2 07 2010

as usual great advice….. however…… the deed is done….

3 07 2010

ahhh there is nothing like “new love” – just keep shining sweet bella, spill over your glory until he comes breathing hard after you 🙂

thank you for visiting me at mangiabella, come back soon & follow if you aren’t already – there is much more coming down the pipeline in the way of delicious recipes and inspirational thoughts – i’m thinking about posting something on augustine with my stuffed french toast (using challah bread and a few secret ingredients hehe)

viva la brooklyn!

3 07 2010

hey thanks for stopping by….. tried the eggplant dish today… 3 out of 5 of my children enjoyed it very much….i will check in for the challah bread dish…

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