Gorgeous Got Game

29 06 2010

You Make Me Happy

Ok guys I know this post is cheesy… but I was playing board games with my kids all day…and thinking of my crush….

Boy you are TROUBLE and I know this to be true…

You have played OPERATION with my heart and left me without a CLUE

I fought hard against you, but you sunk my BATTLESHIP

 I used to be the logical one, didn’t believe in love

My HEART was dark like SPADES

In my CRANIUM I knew I was way to smart for that crap

I thought I had SCENE IT all

There was no way I was going to get caught in your MOUSE TRAP

But you sweet and amazing JOKER

Like a whirlwind, a TWISTER, you swept me away

You lured me to your CANDYLAND

Putting me through hurdles, CHUTES and LADDERS

 You played GO FISH with my heart and BINGO chose the winning card

When your around you SCRABBLE my brain

and OUT BURST feelings and desires I haven’t felt in a long time

 You MONOPOLIZE my thoughts and you have turned a TRIVIAL PURSUIT into a crucial quest for you

Even when we CONNECT FOR just a moment, it BOGGLES my mind how I let you have this control over me

You are the only one who leaves me SPEECHLESS

 I am SORRY, I cannot play UNO any longer

You are PERFECTION and I must take a RISK on you

I do realize this my put what we now have in JEOPARDY

 But, I have decided to GO FOR BROKE, I am going to SPILL THE BEANS

Tell you I want to share my LIFE with you

 The rest I will leave to you


 So i have decided to tell

Questions is How, How would you tell him?

we will see

Good Morning Gorgeous,





3 responses

30 06 2010


30 06 2010

Telling him….. I still think you should be as subtle as possible, not going right out and telling him but leaving great big hints….

Once bitten, twice shy, is I, so completely direct is not something I will ever suggest unless you are like 99 percent sure he is on the same page as you.

Good luck my love!

30 06 2010

OMG! This is so CUTE!!!

The deal or no deal part has me sold 🙂 haha.

Good luck and I agree with Queen as subtle as possible because if he’s feeling the same way he should be able to pick that subtle hint up and if it eats at him he’ll definitely be doing something about it..

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