Things You Shouldn’t Do….

28 06 2010

You shouldn’t open your eyes in the morning and not see me.

You shouldn’t get out of bed before we make love

You shouldn’t leave without kissing me goodbye

You shouldn’t have to go all day without talking to me

You shouldn’t look at your desk and not see a picture of us

You shouldn’t come home from work and think about work

You shouldn’t have to worry if I care about how your day went

You shouldn’t have to watch that movie alone

You shouldn’t have dinner alone

You shouldn’t have to wonder if its ok to call me

You shouldn’t have to hang up when were done talking, I should be there

You shouldn’t question if I am falling for you too

You shouldn’t have to wonder why you make me smile

You shouldn’t go to bed without me

You shouldn’t reach out your hand and not find mine

You shouldn’t have to go to sleep without making love to me

You shouldn’t close your eyes and I not be the last thing you see

You shouldn’t dream and it not be of us

You shouldn’t  be without me right now

You shouldn’t want me and I not be there

You shouldn’t doubt how much I love you

So should I tell him, Would you?

We will see,

Good Day Gorgeous,





2 responses

1 07 2010

this is nice this i will reblog at my other blog
Just realized I don’t know how to email you
oh well will catch up another time

1 07 2010

thanks i’d appreciate that… you can email me at

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