LOVE, Who?

14 06 2010

Anyone who has loved and lost, will tell you they made the “VOW”…. The vow to never let someone get that close to their heart again.  The one that says no one will ever hurt me like that again.  And in making that vow…we do everything in our power to keep it….some of us choose not to date at all…or just have some quickies or one night stands…we choose not to see someone we could potentially like…in an effort to cure and protect our hearts, but only to end up causing more damage.

 It’s easy to look at the next potential suitor and find nothing but negatives to hold on to that pain…you don’t want to imagine giving someone that much power over you again…. You may go out with someone…and find reasons not to go out again or get serious…we put obstacles in the way…and find problems with them that don’t exist….  We are afraid of being hurt again…

So you let love pass you by…

 We seem to focus on the negative parts of the past relationship….the fights …the disagreements…the pain caused at the break up…

 We forget about the joy of being in love itself…. The way it made us feel and the world look different…. The holding of hands, kissing, and touching…. That wonderful tickle in your stomach when you thought of,  or see him…

We forgot laughing at jokes that only we found funny…and talking about things we never thought any one would understand…going to bed and waking up with a smile….knowing that no matter what happened in your day it would be all better when you see that special someone…talking on the phone until sunrise and playing you hang up, no you, no you….

 We forgot how the anticipation of seeing him…made your heart be faster and the time at work go by quickly…. How we would use something he said to take us away in thought and force a smile where normally there would not be one….how one word, one touch, one kiss, could make you forget all the worlds problems and issues and take you to a paradise that is only found by love…and the only pain you felt was in your cheeks from smiling so much…We forgot being happy.

 We  forgot laying in each others arms and never wanting that moment to end…and  how while in love we could not imagine, not being in love…

 Thank you for helping me remember…

So should I tell him,  would you?

we will see…

Good Morning Gorgeous,





4 responses

14 06 2010
Michelle Brown

After I spent three years in an abusive relationship I made that same vow “to never let someone get that close to their heart again.” You’re right, that vow led me to quite a bit of self-damage as I tried to protect myself. I often say that God sent me my husband to avoid self-destruction.

Great post, and I wish you well with your love.

14 06 2010

we often try to protect ourselves…but what are we protecting ourselves from…LOVE?….its a hard thing…but i am trying to be open to love again….

14 06 2010

We think we are protecting ourselves from heart break or pain but that is unavoidable. When we feel 100% comfortable we can be hurt. I have grown into a true pessimist. I always expect the worst and hope for the best. I don’t know if thats helping me deal with heartache better or not. lol.

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

14 06 2010

yeah… i know….its like we are protecting ourselves from the very thing that we want…and that is finding true love…..

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