I Don’t Want You To Want Me To Want You To Want Me…

11 06 2010

I don’t want to want to see you everyday

I don’t want  your smile to be contagious

I don’t want your eyes to show me life with you

I don’t want your words to excite me or mine to excite you

I don’t want to hear you laugh

I don’t want to know you better

I don’t want you to call me or to hang up

I don’t want to sit down and eat with you,  watch a movie, or listen to music together

I don’t want you to bring me flowers, candy or gifts

I don’t want to kiss you goodnight or good morning

I don’t want scream your name

I don’t want to know what it feels like to lay in your arms

I don’t want dream about you when I am asleep, and think of you when I am awake

I don’t want say goodbye

I don’t want cry for you or miss you

I don’t want to marry you

I don’t want share or build a life with you

I don’t want you to always be there

I don’t want to hear you say I Love You

I don’t want you to want me

I don’t want to want you

 I don’t want to do any of these things or love you,

 But I Do……..

  Should I tell him,  would you?…

 We will see

 Good Morning Gorgeous,





9 responses

11 06 2010

I hear ya girl, thats a tough call. I always believe that feelings are better out in the open but it is hard if the person is a friend.. But some people are just either meant to fit into our lives as lovers or as nothing. That is the sad truth, sometimes friendship is too hard to bridge when your feelings are so strong.


Hannah Katy

11 06 2010

you are so right…and the sad thing is…once you cross that thin line between friendship and relationship….if it doesn’t work out..its hard to cross back over…and you could lose a really good friend….

thanks for your comment….

11 06 2010
Vodka and Ground Beef

Life is short. I say go big and say it. I’m living through you.

12 06 2010

I have been through this…I HATE losing good friends just bcoz the relationship does not work out…No matter how much you promise each other that ” We shall be good friends even if things don’t work out ” , it is so hard to implement…..But that’s life..I am trying to keep the good memories and move on…

12 06 2010

i know it is very hard….he is such a good friend….and i don’t want to loose that…. i think thats the thing stopping me from telling him…even though i know he feels the same way…

13 06 2010

If you don’t tell him, you’ll have to wait a lot longer to get what will probably be the same answer as you’d get if you told him now. That’s just something to think about.

13 06 2010

i know….and even though all the signs point to him feeling the same…..there is just that small doubt….and because of that… i want to hold on to this…for just a little while longer…..

14 06 2010

Are you waiting for him to tell you??? That is what most of the girls do…Me too…but sometimes I feel we should speak our hearts out….

14 06 2010

no…not really… i am trying to read he signs…and sometimes they say…he feels the same…and sometimes…i am not so sure…just don’t wanna say something, and be wrong and ruin a good friendship in the process…
but him telling me would be ideal…lol

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