Crushed Pinapples and Other Sticky Situations

10 06 2010

Things are changing….there is movement in the camp…

Ok its 11:30 pm and I just got off the phone with gorgeous.  Normally that would not be unusual, if one of the youth is in trouble, Or there is some emergency he, or someone from his office would contact me.  But this call was different.  It wasn’t about the kids.

 He called to check on me.  He remembered I was having surgery tomorrow and wanted to know if I needed anything.  Like a ride to the doctor.  I said no.

 He wanted to know if I was nervous, I said no.  After all its just on my tooth no biggie.  He asked me what kind of soup I liked…..???… Then he talked about when he got his wisdom teeth pulled and how all he could eat was soup.

 All though I played it very cool on the phone… I was really jumping up and down and screaming yes, Yes, YES….was he making the first move….

 Ok…yall see where this is going…and I am not stupid….clearly this is a sign.  As he was talking I have to be honest… I was barely listening… my heart was pounding so hard…I could not believe he was actually calling me just to talk….. A bold move on his part.

 He ended  the conversation by asking me if it would be alright if he called to check on me after the surgery….. I said sure… what else was I gonna say…

Yall know those complications are still there, right?

 Anyway, going to bed with a smile,…. Just thought I blog it….

 Should I tell him,  would you?…

 We will see

 Goodnight Gorgeous,





10 responses

10 06 2010

you are so cute 🙂 I love your blog. You have such a bubbly, fun personality on here.

10 06 2010

thank you… your cute too….keep checking in on my drama….

10 06 2010

OMG!! yeaH! you go girl let him check up on you all he wants! although, when i had my wisdom teeth pulled i had cheeks as swollen as a squirrel’s mouth filled with nuts.

10 06 2010

oh no i hope not….i am in such serious pain …..but smiling….

10 06 2010

Okay, no, I have made my stance. DO NOT TELL HIM! He is exhibiting behavior that says he is either sweet as an Alberta peach, a professional dentist or he is interested in you beyond what you may have thought initially. I think 2 or more of those apply.

I’m a little shy on the draw now because I was so direct last time and I got my heart broken but I am going to advise that you let him take the lead because A) it would be so awesome and romantic for you! B) We don’t want to scare him away.


♥♥♥ QueenPinky!

10 06 2010

wait yall are confusing me….Don’t tell him now…now i am doubting….do yall think it was not a move…just friendly concern….oh no… i am back at the drawing board….thanks a lot guys….lol

10 06 2010

Hmmm, sounds like a definite interest!! Or perhaps just friendship? But as girls we love to think it is interest! Let’s hope it is!!!

10 06 2010

yeah that’s what i was thinking…no i am not so sure…i want to get off this roller coaster….lol

10 06 2010

girl, i most definitely agree with queen pinky.. let him take the lead… 🙂 you will most definitely not regret it if everything works out.. don’t tell him anything!

and you won’t regret not telling him if he doesn’t like you and all that jazz…

lol, i’m waiting too most definitely waiting for an email from this guy i just reconnected with yesterday.. ugh WAITING is SO HARD!

10 06 2010

you are so right….the waiting is the worst part….all kinds of things run through you mind….let me know when you get that email….

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