Crushed By The Norm

4 06 2010

So….  Today is going to be a quiet day…He does not come around on Fridays…I won’t see him again until Monday….I do have plans tonight with a guy friend of mine… I have been dating guys, although I am crushing on Gorgeous, I will tell you about them later…but tonight nothing special, probably just a movie….and no I don’t like him…although I know he is crushing on me, I have made it very clear I do not feel that way…. we are just friends and no more…let me tell you a little about him so when I refer to him you know who I am talking about….

Lets call him…Jeff (not his real name of course)… Now Jeff is a special one…. He would be the perfect guy… He is handsome, has a good job, 2 kids and has been a faithful and true friend…he gets my jokes and I get his…and I can always count on him to have my back, no matter what the situation… We always have a ton of fun together and I do like having him around… I have known him since my sophomore year of high school, over 15 years… our relationship started out with him crushing me…. He would always bother me, chase me… you know the things young boys do…but we never connected in that way…although there was one night of you know what…that wasn’t bad…but I just felt the friendship was more important…

 So you  may be thinking… Why not him?…well although our relationship is great on so many levels…. I am just not attracted to him… don’t desire him….when I think about him… I laugh…not at him…but at the fun we have together….Its never I want to hold him and have him hold me or be with him in any other capacity but to laugh…When I think about Gorgeous,  my heart races and I fell movement and other things all over my body, my mind and that does not mean what i feel for him is sexual, he makes me laugh too and we talk about evything except my crush on him of course, we also have a lot in common… more on that later… Anyway… Jeff and I  are very good friends now…we talk about everything…. Well almost… He doesn’t know about my crush…. Only because he knows him well and I wouldn’t want there to be any tension… He tends to get a little jealous when I go out with guys, although he says he is cool with it and wants to remain friends… He is a good friend, he is that male friend that every woman should have… The one they can talk to about your male interest and he will give you an honest answer… He still on occasion makes mention of us possibly being together….but its just not there, sometimes I wish it were, but its not…I can truly say I love Jeff…but I am not in love with him…

 Who knows….maybe he will write a blog like mine one day….

 …. so what do you think….should I tell….. We will see….

  Good Morning Gorgeous,





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5 06 2010

This writing almost makes me sad QueenHope. That poor guy. (; _ ;). I’ve heard many stories of men casually chasing women and getting put on friend status. It’s kinda sad to me, especially when the guy is worth a lot. It doesn’t seem that you are leading him on but we have to remember that men have hearts to (^_~), they can be full of emotions and distraught too, just like us. I hope he really is as “cool with it” as you say, because if he isat home rolling around crying with love-hurt-ness that would stink. We want all to be happy! (^_^)

5 06 2010

Hey Queen, (love that name by the way)
I totally agree with you… i have told Jeff this over and over…i do not flirt with him or make it in anyway seem, that this could be…i stopped that after our little romp fiasco…i have made clear that i have no romantic interest in him…and all though we hang out a lot…its rarely just him and I… i am best friends with his sister, our kids go to the same school and are good friends…but anyway …what can i do… he is a good guy and i would love to see him with someone who truly lovs him…but he can’t seem to find the right girl….do yo want a hook up…. i will put him onto your blog…lol…
i truly am not trying to have him crush on me…but some things are out of our control….
Thanks for reading my blog. i loved talking with you and hope to hear from you again…

6 06 2010

You are so awesome! and a big lol about that putting him onto my blog. I like your total appropriateness with him. You are doing the right thing but it still sucks because those feelings are so yucky sometimes… is he dating frequently? He seems like he might not be trying to hard to not like you (lol) because most men get the hint and move on, but if he thinks you are truly worth it he may want to stick it out.


6 06 2010

thank you…. i think i am awesome too…lol….he does date frequently….he was in a long term relationship where he was engaged and everything…it didn’t work out…oh well…. i do my best not to flirt or send any mixed signals…and i think he still hangs around because of all our other connections…. i think he gets it…at least i hope so…. he truly is a great guy….so just let me know about that hook up….lol..
all hail the queen…

5 06 2010

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5 06 2010

Thanks for checking me out and following me…. i will definitely do the same….we bloggers gotta stick together…lol…. i will go to your site in a little bit….just getting up…gotta get the kids fed…

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