Crushing Complications- Part 2- His

3 06 2010

My heat skips a beat everytime our eyes lock

Ok …when I say he is the perfect guy….he is….So…. His complications are probably just an extension of mine…and a little of him….

 Ok here we go…. I think his only flaw is that he is very shy…. I would like to say its lacking confidence….but he has to know how gorgeous he is… or maybe he doesn’t… Anyway…you may say if that is his only flaw what keeps us apart…well his other complications…

 I run a youth facility and he is contracted with my program to do certain things with the youth there….and a part of that contract is that he cannot get involved with the clients, if he is assigned to the case…. And by clients they mean both the youth and the workers of the facility where the contract is held…. I have been dealing with this company long before he began working with us and they have a very low tolerance for a lot of things…and this being their biggest one…apparently they have lost a lot of contracts do to this behavior…and believe me if I could find another company that does the quality of work that they do, and I am diligently looking, mine would be one of them…now during our flirting moments he has mentioned, we would have a lot more fun if he had a different job or I somehow lost the contract…my response “Your Fired”…. But then one of the kids came running over for something and we laughed it off…darn children…

 Other issues are not really complications but more issues that we would have to seriously talk about…. He is very, very, much younger than me…not that it bothers me, I have dated younger men before… and it does not seem to bother him…. He is always making comments trying to make me think he is older than he is…but that could be a big issue later if he feels he is not man enough or old enough…or worst…. I start to seem too old…

 He does not have children… However, he is great with my boys and the youth at the youth program….he has expressed a desire to have children…and I do want to have another baby in the next 2 years…

 And the final issue is he is of a different race than I am…now that is not necessarily a problem, because the town that we live in actually has a lot of interracial dating and marriages…. I also have several members of my family who are interracially mixed, and I have dated outside of my race before….but this is the one thing we have not talked, joked or even flirted about….. I don’t know if it because it’s a touchy subject or if its truly just not an issue…

 Ok…now that I got that off my chest and out of the way…no more of this complicated talk… I am just going to tell you guys what goes on in our day to day lives…. I hope you are not bored with my story and continue to read….but more importantly… I hope this story has a happy ending for me… if you want to know up to the minute what we are doing follow me on twitter at

 …. so what do you think….should I tell….. We will see….

 Goodnight Gorgeous,





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