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16 08 2012



This is too Funny

23 06 2011

Hey Guys…

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while….have gotten very busy…. along with my youth program I’m starting a new biz… a gift basket biz… but more on that later….I will be writing some updates and poetry soon… i promise…

but the funniest thing just happened and I just had to share it with you all…after all y’all are my closest friends…

any how….. he just said to me…. since our relationship covers everything under the sun….interacial dating…older woman younger man…work place romance…secret affairs…children in relationships etc…..”we should do a relationship blog”…

I laughed so hard…. he must have thought I was crazy… but I told him of course I would do that with him….so I will keep y’all informed on this if it happens….

Still crushing



26 04 2011


Hopeless, I’ve given up

Content, with what life had given me

Saddened, by why my heart was missing

Depressed and in despair was all around

So I took a long walk

To a pier I had visited once before

As I let my feet get closer and closer to the edge

I was overwhelmed with fear

But feeling life had nothing else to offer

I continued to the edge

As I looked over at this ocean before

I thought of the pain this could cause

The heartache, the tears

I also thought about the joys of life

The hugs, the kisses, the smiles

The love and the love making

In spite of my mind fighting against my heart

I jumped in and began to drown

Once I was in,

My natural instinct was to fight

I kicked and screamed

Not wanting to succumb to the waves

But my efforts were in vain

My mind gave into my heart

And I began to take you in

I was engulfed

You filled my lungs

My thoughts, my desire were consumed by you

I felt you all around me

Holding me, carrying me, moving me

Loving me

I am completely saturated by your love

You are in me

And I am in love with you

Where you flow I flow

I am drowning in your love

And have no desire to be saved

A Clients Tale by Hope Leslie Crushin (via Put A Wedge In It!)

31 03 2011

A Clients Tale by Hope Leslie Crushin “Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhh” Hope screamed as she slammed David’s head between her sweaty breasts. Take that” she shouted “in yo face”. “Ugghhh” David said as he wiped the sweat from his face. “Awwww what you no likey, most guys would be glad to have a woman’s breast rubbed in their face” Hope teased. “Not when it’s all sweaty from a B-Ball game” “aawwwww, you just mad cause you lost to a girl” Hope laughed so hard she fell to the ground. David just looked … Read More

via Put A Wedge In It!

ALL I WANT IS FOREVER (via Put A Wedge In It!)

9 03 2011

Sometimes the very words you want to say….comes from another….
sharing this with you all….


via Put A Wedge In It!

When Did We Fall In Love

14 02 2011

When did we fall in love?

When did we fall in love

Was it the first time I heard your name

Was it the first time our eyes locked and you said hello

Was it our first date, when you touched my hand

Or the first time we kissed and you touched my heart

When did we fall in love

Was it the first time I screamed your name

As we laid in a sweet embrace

Making love all through the night

 was it the first time we said I LOVE YOU

When did we fall in love

Was it when I took your name

Or the birth of our 1st, 2nd 3rd child

When did we fall in love

Was is when I whispered your name

50 years from now

As we reminisce on our life together

And look into each others eyes for the last time

The answer is yes

Yes to all of these

For every time I see you

 I fall in love all over again

 Sill Gorgeous, Still Crushing

Happy Valentines Day 

Still Gorgeous, Still Crushing

Crush Crew Commentary –> Loverly Advice by Katrina Gurl (via Put A Wedge In It!)

9 02 2011

Hey guys….just wanted to share a wonderful new site with you….

This blog is a great read…and will definetly motivate your to go after your Crush…
so check it out…and leave a comment….

Loverly Advice by Katrina Gurl First off, you’ve got to be with someone that ultimately like. The person you marry or date should have no less chemistry than your closest friends.  Be your partners’ best friend, laugh, have fun together and honor each other. Secondly, treat trust as a choice you choose to hold firm in your relationship.  Trust is one of those things that you have automatically coming into a relationship.  Trust can only be devoured by the choices you make on a … Read More

via Put A Wedge In It!


2 01 2011

Broad and wide

Run my fingers up and down

Strong and thick

Wrap my arms all around

When I lose

Your shoulders I cry on

When I win

Your shoulders I ride on

 Pressed against me

Brings the greatest pleasure

Lying within them

Bring  feelings I cannot measure

Strong enough for me to lean on

Soft enough to lean on me


Wide enough to protect me from harm


Soft enough to make me feel safe and warm

I love your shoulders

Still Loving and Crushing

Good night Gorgeous


A Gift Worth Re-gifting

12 12 2010

My Gift to you and you and you and you and oh you again

It’s that time of year again…where everyone thinks of their loved ones and what gifts they should buy them…

I am reminded of just a few weeks ago when my son hit himself in the head with the hammer…… he thought he was going to die….

 the first thing he did was seek God’s forgiveness…good move….

 but then as he laid on the bed waiting for the doctor….this little 12-year-old boy said something that astonished me…

 He said mommy before I left  the house… I kissed and hugged everyone and told them I loved them….even tay…

 Now tay is that sister he finds most irritating because she is most like him and he does not realize it….

 So of course as a mommy… after reassuring him he was going to be ok….I saw this as a teachable moment…

 I said to him….

 What I am going to say to you…In a “Short Version” of course….

 No matter what pain, hurts and heartaches you go though in life…. Love really does conquer all.

 If you have time to reflect on you life…in your last moments…it will not be a reflection of those who did you wrong, and how you hate asparagus.

But those things that are most important to you.

 It will not be about your house…or your car….that football contract you got…or how many partners you had…

You will not reflect on the bills, the toys, the food

But you will reflect on love…and those you shared that love with…. It will be the hugs and kisses, the smiles and laughs, the excitement and joys…..

 The births and birthday parties…the memories you laugh about

The fears you conquered

 Your proudest moments, your happiest times

 It will be the faces of those you love most…even if you didn’t know it….

 It would be filled with a desire…to do it all over again, not because of what was done wrong…but what was done right…

 At that moment….all pain, hurt, wrongs you have done…and wrongs done to you…have faded….and even if you wanted to…you could not reflect on them because they are over taken by the Love in your life

So to your parents, siblings family and friends, coworkers, enemies and even the stranger on the street…

Love is indeed the greatest gift we can give or receive…and is always worth re-gifting.

Don’t just tell someone you love them today…. Tell everyone….and who knows… in that moment..they may think of you….

A Picture IS Worth 1000 Words

30 11 2010

What do you see

The end of thinking

There was a time when we used our fingers and made lines on paper to add

When our math wasn’t too hard for our parents to help

Dinner was prepared on a stove and cooked with fire

When we sounded out words then used a dictionary to look it up to see if we were right

When we counted by 5’s to tell the time….

When essays were hand written

When we asked our grand parents about history……

When you were not allowed to bring a gun anywhere near where the president was….

Water was free

When we valued human life above animals…

When people thought BEFORE they spoke

When freedom of speech was attached to common sense

When we used our voices to communicate with one another…

When friends were people we met, knew and physically spent time with….

When we were man or woman enough too look someone in the eye when breaking up with them…

When first base was touching of hands

And at the end of a date you hope for a kiss

When our intimate moments we shared with each other and not the world via internet….

When we said I Love You and meant it and not ily…

When people looked you in the eye instead of down at computers, cell phones, and blackberries…

When photos were proudly displayed on the walls of homes, wallets and in photo albums….

When parents were not ashamed to listen to music in front of their children…a time when parents were adults.

When kids asked for change not cards

When children were afraid of getting in trouble by their parents, not the other way around

When mothers and daughters didn’t borrow each others clothes

When a horror movie scared you and not turned you on…

When celebrities were people had a talent

When we learned skills from tag and dodge ball and were not considered bullies…

When teachers hug and children had respect….

When exercise was not done via video game

And children actually went out side to play

Every home had a phone

And our biggest fear about flying was crashing…

 And in GOD we trusted

How are you spending the time you have been given

Spend it wisely

It is

Slowly but surely, fading….it is the end of time

My Sweet Little Boy Has Autism

20 11 2010

I first laid eyes on my youngest son when he was 2 days old….he was placed in my arms and I was told…”he has severe brain damage, he will never walk, never talk…he will be a vegetable and probably not live past the age of 3…we understand if you choose not to adopt him”

I wrapped him in a blanket and cried all the way home…I cried not for him in his condition…because I knew that God created him perfectly….but I cried at a society that could just say something like this to a child….

By taking this broken child and loving him through out his life. I was made whole…he has taught me to be diligent, resilient and to never give up.

He is now 11 years old, walking and speaks a little…But he sings with the voice of an angel…we have come along way. and still have quite a journey to travel…but we will get there.

Communication is more than words…its what’s not said that speaks volumes….

When we celebrated his 3rd birthday, I praised God for the blessing he had given me…and wrote this for him


My son has autism, but it does not have him
Although sometimes I look at other kids,
And wish he was like them

Just like a baby, who cries when they have a need
He communicates with me perfectly
Although he never speaks

He has spoken volumes to me without saying a word
But everything his eyes have said
My heart has received and heard

People are amazed when in the midst of his fits and screams
I see my sweet little boy
Filled with hopes and dreams

I sometimes get mad, when he is rambunctious and loud
But then I think how far he has come
And I feel overwhelmingly proud

He may not speak in a way that seems normal to you or I
But you too could understand every word
If you truly listened or tried

On the rare occasion I see him run and play,
But alone in the corner is where I find him most days

Although I may never hear him call me mom or say his name
He is a child worthy of life and I love him just the same

Many nights on my knees I prayed and I cried,
thanking God for this sweet little boy he has placed in my life

For I know no greater treasure, and have no greater joy
Than to kiss the cheeks of my sweet little boy

JAIRE has autism, but it does not have him,
I look at other children and realize,
My sweet little boy IS just like them

Jaire age 11

You Are Delicious

5 11 2010

When I woke up this morning you were the first thing on my mind

I look down and see 1, 2 special little treats

My mouth begins to water as I take you

One in each hand, fit so perfectly

I gently fondle and caress you

As I contemplate what I am going to do to you

I lay you out, with oils so you easily glide in and out

small circles I stir

I watch as you turn from this soft mass

into a hard delight

Wrapped around the meat that is laid between

I watch you rise and pulsate

You are just about done

I can hardly wait as I anticipate you entering me

I open wide and take in more of you than I can hold

Your juices burst out and onto my chin

I want more so I go in

U R the best way to start my morning

U R Delicious

Don’t you guys just love a steak and egg omelet first thing in the morning

 still crushing,


I’M Craving Chocolate

13 10 2010

Hello Mr. GoodBar

Smooth creamy delight

Alone you are delicious

But add you as a topping, orgasmic

Hot, steamy pour you over cold Ice cream

Stick you in my peanut butter

Drizzle you over my strawberry patch

Swirl you around in my hot chocolate,

Place you between the layers of my cake

Tootsie rolls


Nestle up together

Mounds of pleasure

Sometimes I feel like a nut

So much joy

Dipping your whachamacallit it in my kit kat

Takes me far to another milky way

You say around me you get butterfingers

I feel the same, like a complete goober

The sight of you makes me stutter, mmmm

You are driving me nutrageous

I can’t take much more of this

You are worth more than 100 grand

And its payday

Chocolate kisses


My milk chocolate, your white chocolate

We make a tasty swirl

And you know chocolate is addicting.


So what should my next move be,

We will see

Till later Gorgeous


Breakfast In Bed

22 09 2010

The Best Way To Start Every Morning


Your scent wakes me up in the morning 

Strong and alluring 

Whispering my name 

You lay before me hot, steaming and inviting 

My eyes widen as I see the meal that is set before me 

I thank God for the abundant portions 

The thought of tasting you makes my mouth water 

What should I try first 

Such decadent sweet delights 

I just dive in 


I taste you on my lips and feel you move through out my body 

From my throat to my stomach to that place of sweet release below 

I can feel every inch of you 


You fill me up as you enter 

My every craving you satisfy 

The extra weight you put on my body is welcomed 

Caressing my every curve 


Sweet mountainous sticky buns, erupting with a sweet tangy syrup 

Bursting through my lips , dripping down onto my sheets 

I am full and completely satisfied 


You are a delicious and worthwhile treat 

I lick my lips and anticipate lunch 


so what’s my next move, What would yours be? 

we will see 

till then 

Good Morning Gorgeous, 


Insert Data Here

17 09 2010

Click here to listen to song while you read this http://www.jango.com/stations/113273623/tunein?proxy_id=43950248&song_id=189790

I called you today, made an appointment with your secretary

I booked a meeting room for us

Just you and I, no need for anyone else

We got a situation we need to work out

Gotta schedule some time alone,

We got some work to do

I’m gonna need you for an hour

maybe 2

You know what you better clear your schedule


and tomorrow too

Theres a meeting in my bedroom

Don’t be late, Don’t make me wait

Hold all my calls, drop them files on the floor

Clear this desk, I’m gonna lay it out for you

Take some dictation, use your fingers to type out what you want

No jobs to big or small

Just put your thoughts and ideas on the table

I guarantee we will cover them all

Pull up a chair, Lay back relax, clear your  mind

Don’t worry I booked this room all day

So we got plenty of time

let me back up those files, Were almost there

You deserve that  raise for all the hard work you’re putting in

Insert Data Here

Type a letter or maybe 3


What’s your objectives,  What is the desired outcome

At the end of this meeting the participants will be able to

Do anything their hearts desire

I know your tired

Been working hard all week

I know just what you need

I’m gonna deliver, you just sign the release

Gotta love this job

It has the best perks and benefits package

Insert data here

Save, print file it under G ….. Best presentation ever, A job well done

Lets schedule a follow-up meeting next week

so what should my next move be, what would yours be

we will see

till then

meeting ajourned

Good Day Gorgeous,



16 09 2010

I crave it, longingly want it

Spend my whole day thinking about it

The thought of consuming it fills my desires

 I am addicted

 Goosebumps at the thought of it

My body aches as it yearns for it

My first thoughts in the mornings are aspirations of acquiring it

Even after having my fill of it, I hunger for more

 Nothing but my addiction can quench this insatiable thirst

I lust after it, I need it, I want it

I require a fix, a dose of it

Not just a small dose, but I want to overdose

Too much is never enough

 Holding it my body shivers, tasting my lips quiver

Getting it takes me to a place of nostalgia

I am floating on air

Bliss, peace, sweet release

 There is but one cure, more

 You gave me my first taste and now I am hooked

Only you know what I need and can provide me with it

 Each time I need more and more

 Every pore in my body pines for it

 I call you to get my fix

 You provide

 I am addicted to you

 You are my drug of choice

 You feel so good

 I don’t want to ever come down from your high

 You’re a bad habit, I’ll never kick

So what’s my next move, what would yours be

we will see

till my next fix

Good Day Gorgeous


HUMP DAY, Pun intended

15 09 2010

It’s hard to believe that’s its only been 2 months since we have brought this crush into fruition.   It seems like we have been dating for years.  I had set some boundaries for myself that I was determined not to cross, but it is getting very difficult.

 You know there are certain times of the month when a woman just feels….well…. Uncontrollably horny… I am so there right now….lol

Now while our relationship is not that of a sexual nature I have to admit there are times when this man makes me want to take the P out of  HOPE and do things that would not be very Christian or lady like 😉

Although we have known each other for quite some time, we have only been “dating” for the past couple of months so when is too soon.

I know, I know we are both adults, neither one of us virgins and we have thought this relationship out completely

But I still feel the need to restrain myself….if not for any other reason as that I made a celibacy commitment to myself 5 years ago and have been faithful to it.  Gorgeous is aware of this and says that is one of the things he admires about me…but he agrees it is hard, pun intended 😉

 So the easiest thing to do would be to separate myself from the temptation, and not get myself into sticky situations….but that’s not so easy…as this relationship grows we are spending more and more time with each other, and that’s a good thing so I am not complaining.  I love being with and around him and I know he feels the same way.

 I am an adult and I know I can handle this and do it at anytime…. I guess what I am feeling is that I don’t want to be a hypocrite…when I speak to the youth in my program… I can proudly tell them to wait or be abstinent because I am practicing that myself…and although I understand the desires and temptations they are stronger than that desire…. But oh lordy its hard….when temptation is right in your face, on your couch, on your bed….

And I know I do not have to tell and don’t plan to tell my youth anything about what me and gorgeous do, but it’s a personal thing.

 So again I say when is too soon…and do the same standards apply to adults and teenagers….

 Any way… now I am just ranting… over the last 2 weeks a have written a book of poems to which I am calling


Just wanted to warn you guys….we have not crossed over to that part of our relationship yet….but my imagination has taken over and I cannot be held responsible for the words in my blog….lol

From time to time I will post some of that poetry…maybe on hump days…lol

 You are here by warned….. Read further at your own risk

 So how far would you go

 We will see

 Till then,

Look out gorgeous,


Men and Boobs

13 09 2010

Weapons of mass destruction

Ok guys help me out here….. What is the fascination with men and boobs….

 This past Friday me and my guy ( 🙂 sounds nice to say)… were watching a movie called Laid To Rest….. It’s a horror movie (we are both horror fanatics) about a young woman who wakes up in a coffin and is stalked by a slasher….not very scary….but very gory…

So on Saturday afternoon we had some friends over and I over hear my guy ( 🙂 ) telling his friends about the movie….all is normal until I hear him say the heroine in the movie had the biggest boobs ever…


Did we watch the same movie…. I remembered the woman having on a large T-shirt throughout the flick….how could he tell she had big boobs….

So I teased him about his x-ray vision and wild and vivid imagination… he assured me she showed the boobs in the flick that’s how he knew….. So me being the woman and having to be right…..got the movie and in fast forward mode replayed it….nothing….then he rewinded it…and no exaggeration this scene must have been 30 seconds long…yes she flashed them…and they were impressive.

 Now this is not a jealous rant….because I am not lacking in this area….now that I think about it….maybe that’s what attracted him to me….nah…but I find it hilarious that we could watch the same movie… and I talk about the actual 1 hour and 25 minutes of movie I saw…and all he got out of it was a 30 second scene…

 Well I guess that’s why when we ladies want something we flash those puppies….it sends men into a stooper…they can’t think….what is it…

 Is it the bounce, the shape, the fact that they are in 3D, past mommy issues…. I just don’t get it…maybe I take them for granted…but seriously…they are just body parts, aren’t they….

It makes me wonder….are there any parts of a man that sends women into a stooper


Nope we are far too intelligent for that 😀

Any who…. All is well on the crush front

 So what’s my next move…..what would yours be,

 We will see,

Till then

 A shake of the boobs to ya Gorgeous


Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude.

10 09 2010

With any relationship Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude go a long way.  One of the most important things you can do to build a healthy relationship is to express these often.

As my relationship has very quickly been taken to levels I never imagined myself in such a short period of time, I have to smile. 

It’s a good thing.

You respect me and I truly appreciate it and I am thankful to you for it.

You respect that I am not a morning person, but I appreciate that yours is the first voice I hear when I wake up.

I respect, “it’s a MAN thing” to always want to pay for dinner, But I appreciate the fact that you respectfully allow me to keep my independence by letting me leave the tip.

I appreciate the fact that you respect me enough to understand what taking it slowly means.  Your right, we have waited this long to find each other, what’s a few more months or years as long as we are together.

I appreciate you doing the dishes, hanging out with my boys and sneaking my keys to go and put gas in my car.

You respect the fact that I don’t like flowers, and I appreciate it when you by them and put them in the waiting area because it makes it “look Nice”.

I appreciate that all though I know I sometimes take you to the brink…. You respect me enough to stop when I ask you to.  I love you for that.

I appreciate and respect you for trying to keep work at work, even when I bring it up.

I appreciate your tone.

I appreciate you standing up for me.

I appreciate the gentle way you take my hand when you feel the need to protect me.

I respect you for your values, morals and faith.

I respect you for understanding why the L word is a hard thing for me to say, Out loud 😉

I appreciate the way you take care of and do things for “our family”, even when you don’t have to.

I am grateful that I don’t have to ask, you just seem to know.

I am grateful for all the little things you do that have such a big impact on my heart and my life.

I am grateful for you being in my life, and being able to finally see you there.

I thank God for you, Everyday.

I am sure he already knows my secret…

Now I am wondering if I should tell him about this blog,  would you

We will see, till then

Thank You Gorgeous


My Secret Love Affair

17 08 2010

What did I do and what do I do now…..

 Ok…. So after the first date’s kiss….which was just a small peck….although I wanted to jump on, fully devour and digest him…. I restrained myself and it was just a simple good night kiss….just enough to get a taste and leave a strong desire for wanting more….

 And while our second, third and forth dates have been great…. And the kissing has gotten deeper and longer I am constantly asking myself what did I do…

 Our friendship has not changed… in fact I think its growing stronger…which is a good thing…

 What has changed is our work relationship…while I love keeping things on the low…and I find it very exciting…its getting harder and harder to do…. And I think people are starting to notice…

 Now when he sits in my office work is not mentioned, in company meetings we are finishing each others sentences and bringing up conversations that were not had in a business frame of mind…. We are eyeballing each other from across the room  and there’s a lot of giggling and smiling…. We walk past each other and our hands automatically reach for each others hand….then we realize where we are.

 I feel like I am in a secret love affair….and I actually like it…. I mean we are grown right…. We shouldn’t have to hide this… we are both single, willing and eager to date each other…. Right….

 We are trying our best to keep business from getting personal….but I don’t think its working….. Our lives are intertwining and interchanging…. And we can’t stop it….. But that’s a good thing…..

 It will all be out in the open soon enough…. He told me the other day…he has always had a desire to be a chef and have his own restaurant… he wanted to know if I would still like him if he was to start a new career…..

 Is he crazy….LIKE HIM?

 I told him I would stand by him in whatever he decided to do…as long as he was doing it for him and not for me, that I didn’t want him to give up his dream job or happiness and regret it later….

 He said I make him happy and he thinks he would regret it he didn’t pursue our relationship fully…

Aaaawwwww.. C’mon guys… you gotta love him….

 None the less, I think it may be too soon in our relationship to make such life changing moves…. But that could just be my trust issues kicking in….

 Speaking of too soon…he wants to take me to see a Broadway show in NY….. This would require an overnight stay possibly a whole weekend….  That’s a big step…

But we are adults….we could sleep together without sleeping together…right….

Oh how i miss the days of just crushing…

 Should I go…. Would you…. We will see…

 Till then,

 Hey Gorgeous….meet me in the coat room at noon 😉